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Please make note now:  Ward School will close at 12 Noon for the Thanksgiving holiday on Wednesday, November 21, and there will be NO AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM that day. 

Our Kindergarten program, 12:30-3:00, is the most wonderful and magical time of day!  Our youngest students are getting along harmoniously, and they are a true pleasure to teach.  Our October theme of “Careers” has leant itself to some fun projects, such as creating resumes and pretending to be travel agents, veterinarians and more! Thanks to Constance, Kristin and Hillary for the love and joy they pour into our K program!

Our Ward Bucks program for our 4th and 5th grade students has begun!  This program allows our oldest students to do helpful jobs around the school.  Examples include helping Mrs. Packard in the library, helping Ms. Decatur clean up the art room, helping Mrs. Fabrizio set up her classroom, etc.  Our students learn responsibility and also thrive in getting the chance to help out their teachers and community during after school hours.  In exchange for their hard work and time, the students are awarded $5 in “Ward Bucks” from After-School.  Twice a year, we then open up a “Ward Bucks Store” where they can spend the bucks they have earned on real items, such as art supplies, sports equipment, baked goods, gift cards, etc. 


Parents!  We really need your help and cooperation with this important rule.  Please do not knock on the parking lot door and ask a child who is inside (perhaps at the water fountain, or perhaps at the cubbies, etc.) to open the door and let you in.  We stress to the students that ONLY a teacher is allowed to give a waiting parent entry into the building.  When you knock on the door, this puts the kids in an awkward position of having to ignore you or choose to break a rule. 

THANK YOU so much for being considerate of this!  I am sure you can understand the importance of this rule. 

 There is never a dull moment at After-School.  Here are some upcoming events:

Wednesday, October 31 is Halloween at After-School!  We will have a fun Halloween celebration with lots of activities.  Please note:  We follow the same guidelines and principles as the Ward School – no weapons, no masks, no costumes that would scare our younger students. 

Thursday, November 1 is an early release day for all grades, K-5.  If your child is enrolled in After-School on Thursdays, our day will begin at 12:30.  If your child does not attend on Thursdays, please note that we unfortunately cannot accept extra students - we are full. 

Tuesday, November 6 is an Election Day, which means we will be short on space here at After-School.  We’ll head out for the day to enjoy a fun afternoon at the Museum of Science!  All grades (K-5) who attend on Tuesday must join the trip, or go home at 12:30, since we will not have any staff staying back at the program.  Permission slips will come home this week for our K-3 students (OK Club students are already covered under your OK Club tuition).

Soon, we will be having a Thanksgiving contest for the extended day K-5 kids (details to be announced later), and one lucky student will win a homemade pie baked by Constance for your Thanksgiving table!  But why should only the kids have fun?  Parents – if you have read this newsletter, email me back and we will enter you into a raffle to also win a pie baked by Constance.  The flavor of the pie is of your choosing! And a HUGE thank you to those of you who have read this newsletter!   😊



Donna Marohn